22nd September Theatre Peckham
Do you know your Brik from your Tunisian Tajines? No worries if not, this is a chance to get acquainted with the vast diversity of Tunisian cuisine. Its diverse blend of flavours is representative of the country’s complex past and geographical position. The menu will include brik rolls, ommik houreya (tunisian salad), merguez and tunisian tajines.


29-30 June 2018 Elephant Park
The diversity of the countries in Latin America translates into a diverse range spices, cuisines and recipes. Our food stalls offer familiar foods and drinks alongside the chance to try something new. – CHANGO EMPANADAS– Bernardo, the owner, was born and brought up in Tucuman, Argentina where he learnt the art of making the perfect empanada. – PACHAMAMA– Traditional food from Latin America, specializing on Chilean Cuisine. – PALADAR – A chic new wine bar showcasing the best flavours, wines, spirits and cocktails from Latin America in the heart of London SE1.
21 April 2018 Theatre Peckham
Last but not least an authentic smörgåsbord will come from the Nordic superfood hub, Scandikitchen. The menu includes SCAND UPS with cured salmon, roast beef,  Scandinavian prawns, beetroot and apples salad and Nordic sweet potato salad.


3rd February 2018 Theatre Peckham
Discover the Greek food culture with PAN, a labour of love. The lavish Greek banquet by chef Despina Siahuli captures the essence of Greek cooking – freshness, seasonality, simplicity and sharing. PAN by Despina Siahuli
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