15/11/2015 – ROXY BAR & SCREEN – 3:30PM – UK PREMIERE

NAME ME (Kak menya zovut)

Russia, 93mins, dir. Nigina Sayfullaeva

 Two fatherless teenage girls pull a spur-of-the-moment prank that has life-changing consequences in this suspenseful drama about fathers and daughters.

Olya (Marina Vasilyeva), a timid 17-year-old, travels from Moscow to the Crimea with her brazen friend, Sasha (Aleksandra Bortich), to meet her father, Sergey (The Return’s Konstantin Lavronenko), for the first time. At his ramshackle home in the resort town of Alupka, she has second thoughts, so Sasha introduces herself as Olya. At first, Sergey doesn’t bat an eye, but gradually a tense family dynamic develops with Olya and Sasha competing for the attentions of local party boy Kirill and the affections of Sergey, who begins to wise up to the girls’ trick. When drugs, alcohol, criminal activity, and sexual manipulation enter the picture, allegiances shift and warp. Vasilyeva and Bortich give deeply felt performances as two young women who will do anything for love and acceptance—even if it means putting the other in harm’s way.



Born in Dushanbe in 1985, Moscow filmmaker Nigina Sayfullaeva graduated from the Russian State University for the Humanities in 2005 with a concentration in art history. She directed three short films prior to Name Me, her feature-film debut.

This screening includes food and drink.

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