South Social Film Festival Fundraiser September 27th 2015

On Sunday September 27th, South Social Film Festival had its first Festival Fundraiser – a series of short film screenings at Copeland Park, Peckham.

The event was supported by new VOD platform FilmDoo, Peckham Truth Booth, The Nines and Adam James Studio.


Supported by Studio Anansi TV


Auntie dir. Lisa Harewood, Barbados

When a barrel arrives from London bearing an unwelcome parcel, a caregiver in Barbados makes a hasty decision that risks destroying her special bond with a beloved child. Auntie explores the effect of migration on those who leave their home countries and those who are left behind.


Hoghole dir. Aiko Roudette, St. Vincent

Made up of composite Super 8 and HD footage shot on the island of St. Vincent, Hoghole refers to a specific patch of land in St. Vincent where a family can no longer live because of unprecedented crime levels on the island. Hoghole is a reexamination of what ‘home’ means.


Cleaning House dir. Toni Blackford, Jamaica

At a glance, Susan is a quiet, pensive house-cleaner who takes her job seriously. A single phone call is all that she needs to clean up the mess and leave things pristine. But initial impressions rarely, if ever, give the full scope of a person – especially in the case of Susan.


Vivre dir. Maharaki, Martinique

A teacher asks her class, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” While his joyful classmates respond, Tom, a quiet 10 year old boy, slips away into his imagination.



Thieves dir. Rukiki Mariana, Indonesia

Two young men make a plan for a robbery – one will carry out the crime while the other will take care of the getaway car. Everything seems to be going to plan, until a beautiful young woman comes between them.


Return to Sender dir. Vera Lestafa, Indonesia

A young woman for whom sounds are foreign and sights play tricks, comes to her senses and while on a train. A man in a bright orange jumper seems to be the catalyst for her to let go of the baggage of her past.


Mother Belief dir. Santirta Martendano, Indonesia

An immensely touching insight into the lives of two extraordinary mothers whose children who have special needs – and talents.


A Lady Caddy Who Never Saw a Hole in One dir. Yosep Anggi Noen, Indonesia

A golfer meets a mysterious lady caddy on a golf course. As we follow the pair from hole to hole, the chilling secrets beneath their feet begin to reveal themselves.


On Stopping the Rain dir. Aditya Ahmad, Indonesia

It’s been raining incessantly for days and there’s no end in sight. A girl walks thoughtfully down the narrow alleyways. In Indonesia there’s an old ritual that can stop the rain. But for that, she needs a particular utensil.



Uncle & Son dir. Dinh Anh Nguyen, Vietnam

An innocent boy can’t ignore the heartless gossip about his uncle’s life from everyone in his village. At the same time, considering his nephew is just a kid, the uncle cannot give him a reasonable explanation or excuse.


Shimi dir. Kate Maveau, Belgium

Keely, a lonely 16 year old teenager and ballerina, meets Mairi, an eccentric and attractive girl who is her complete opposite. As the pair are drawn closer to one another, Keely’s limits of desire and self-control are put to the test.


Two Girls Against The Rain dir. Sao Sopheak, Cambodia

The incredible true story of two women who fell in love, survived the Khmer Rouge, became a family, and transformed a community.


Dawn dir. Leon Le, USA

On an evening commute, Tye detects racism from another passenger’s glance. In revenge, he decides to follow and confront the man. Tye’s preconceived notion of race and sexuality are tested when he discovered that his younger brother is gay, and the victim is in fact his younger brother’s lover.


Even We’re Apart dir. Dinh Anh Nguyen, Vietnam

Sometimes love comes at the right time, from the right person but ends up in the wrong place. Does distance matter after all? Is it what they call true love that will survive through all of those obstacles?


Almost Obsolete dir. James Cook, UK

A spare of the moment roadtrip to Brighton re-ignites Chris’ bizarre yet heart-warming relationship with an old friend.  In one sex and booze-fueled weekend,
the pair reminisce over the people they’ve lost, the things they’ve learned and ultimately what’s important to them.


Lit dir. Elena Oxman, USA

Eva and Jessie meet at a bar at last call and begin a late night crawl around San Francisco. What seems like a one night stand goes in a different direction when Eva makes revelations about her life.

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