22nd October
Theatre Peckham
221 Havil Street


From the acclaimed director, Paweł Pawlikowski, who recently won Best Director prize at Cannes Film Festival, for Cold War, in cinemas now.  We pay tribute to Poland, on Saturday 20th of October at TheatrePeckham, screening the film IDA, a mesmerising gem by the same director, which won the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film in 2015.

Get ready for our first ever event dedicated entirely to Poland, during which you will be drawn to the poetry and intensity of this unique film, as well as immersing yourself into the jazzy feel of an international band and the delicacy of Polish cuisine.


IDAby Paweł Pawlikowski
The film takes us back to the early 1960s,  and follows the complex story of a young woman, Ida, who has grown up an orphan in a covent, and who is about to become a nun herself. Before doing so, she is told to visit her aunt Wanda, her only surviving relative. As they meet, both of their stories merge into one, as they begin to learn from and about eachother. Through  A truly moving performance portraying two strong women on a journey to find themselves.

This film is a gift to all the senses, and is one of the rare masterpieces that touches on the subjects of identity, grief, feminism and sexuality, all intertwined within a particularly crucial historical context, and offering  particularly beautiful visual aesthetics that have moved anyone who has watched it.



South Social meets Tunisia

22 September
Theatre Peckham
221 Havil Street

One of the most intriguing areas in North Africa is the Maghreb. It includes 3 countries: Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia. The beauty of the landscape, the incredible heritage of the cities and of the population, makes it the perfect background for a riveting cinema experience.

On Saturday 22nd September we are going to focus on TUNISIA, one of the first African countries to produce cinema in the 20s and also to win the Palme d’or in Cannes in 2013 with ’Blue is the warmest colour’ by Abdellatif Kechich.

Join us at Theatre Peckham for our screening of OF SKIN AND MEN (L’AMOUR DES HOMMES) by Mehdi Ben Attia. The screening will be followed by debate and a live concert. As usual we will be serving regional cuisine prior to the show.


South Social meets Latin America

29-30 June 2018
Elephant Park
Elephant and Castle

South Social meets Latin America is a trans-geographical, multicultural and multidimensional festival celebrating LATIN AMERICA by way of independent cinema, dance, world music, art and regional cuisine at the brand-new Elephant Park, in ELEPHANT & CASTLE.

The festival will run for a whole weekend and each day will be dedicated to a different country, exploring diversity and cultures to shine a light on the Latino community based in the area. 

Wild Tales by Damián Szifron

29 June 2018

WILD TALES is the classic 2014 Argentine-Spanish black comedy anthology film composed of six standalone shorts, all written and directed by Damián Szifron, and united by a common theme of violence and vengeance. The film received considerable acclaim, particularly in South America, as well as the BAFTA Award for Best Film Not in the English Language. It was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film in 2015 and the Palme d’Or at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival.


Amalia – The Secretary
by Andrés Burgos

30 June 2018

South Social meets Colombia presents the UK premiere of AMALIA THE SECRETARY. The film follows Amalia who lives a monotonous simple life until she meets Lazaro, a maintenance guy. His tendency to chaos awakens unexpected feelings in her, so she will create a mayhem of her own with the only purpose of having him around.

by Tony Gatlif

3 February 2018
Theatre Peckham
221 Havil Street
We celebrate GREECE with a special preview of DJAM (97’) DJAM is a road movie that will take you from the beautiful Aegean islands to Istanbul with a charming protagonist, DAPHNE PATAKIA, sent on a mission by her father to save the family from bankruptcy. DJAM puts a fresh, compassionate, left-field spin on Southern Europe’s current financial woes and migrant worries.

Master director TONY GATLIF, of Algerian and gypsy descent has won more than 20 different awards in his long career. He has dedicated most of his movies to music, gypsies, migrants and underdogs.

by H.M. Dahlsbakken

21 April 2018
Theatre Peckham
221 Havil Street
En route to Norway! SOUTH SOCIAL MEETS NORWAY presents GOING WEST by H.M. Dahlsbakken. A dramedy based on a son taking his estranged transgender father on a road trip to the west coast of Norway. Going West is a warm and touching story about life, loss and love. The director, when was only 21, won best short film with “The Devil’s Ballroom”. 
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