Excite your tastebuds and join us for some authentic flavours from around the world.


8 June 2019 Moving Pictures Cinema @ Mercato Metropolitano Elephant and Castle
Spanish food is renowned for its flavour, character and variety. Its cuisine brings together influences from around the world and incorporates both old and new traditions. 

Spain is particularly famous for its tapas – traditionally small appetizer dishes, although today some bars in Spain have evolved tapas into an entire cuisine. Tapas may be cold or warm.

South Social Film Festival will be providing an array of Spanish tapas. Find traditional dishes such as gambas ai ajillo, a prawn dish flavoured with garlic, patatas bravas, fried potato served with warm tomato sauce, Spanish tortilla, a potato and egg dish, and more.

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6 April 2019 Moving Pictures Cinema, Mercato Metropolitano
Over the course of the evening we celebrated Japan by enjoying an array of amazing Japanese cuisine. Katsuma, a company that believes in food quality and sustainability, provided a delicious mix of sushi and sashimi crafted by their experts. Alongside this, guests were offered a sake tasting, thanks to Yutaka. The sparkling sake had fruity aromas and a natural sweetness, giving it a light and refreshing finish. KATSUMA YUTAKA


2-3rd February 2019 Theatre Peckham
Two food venders provided us with flavours celebrating black culture, from patties to rotis. Pattyman kept us fed all weekend with their urban twist on traditional Caribbean patties, using fresh locally sourced ingredients to produce handmade patties in a range of flavours from savoury to sweet, that cater to all tastes. Talented Kitchen also provided flavours of the Caribbean with their infused roti wraps. The infused and filled wraps provide a modern take on traditional Caribbean cuisine, with a range of fillings from curried goat to halloumi. PATTYMAN TALENTED KITCHEN
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