South Social Film Festival brings you authentic music from around the world to delight and inspire you.


8 June 2019, Moving Pictures Cinema @ Mercato Metropolitano Elephant and Castle
Bringing us the sounds of Spain will be London-based musician Pablo Dominguez. Born in Cadiz to a musical family, Pablo delved into the world of flamenco and jazz from a young age.
Joining Pablo will be Noelia Valdés, a flamboyant and talented flamenco dancer. Flamenco brings together many musical traditions of Spain. Its beauty and style is now recognised and enjoyed the world over.

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6 April 2019 Moving Pictures Cinema @ Mercato Metropolitano Elephant and Castle
Joining us on 6 April was acclaimed Japanese singing ambassador MIOU who combines fashion, music and her beautiful singing voice to put on a charming show. MIOU has won multiple awards crediting her performances, including “Asia’s Top Fashion Singer” and “Asia Pacific Inspirational Woman”. She has been performing on the international stage for a number of years and has ammasssed a loyal following. MIOU brings Japan to the world through her music, through preserving and sharing the beauty of traditional Japanese culture. While maintaining her own cultural identity, she fuses Japanese traditional sound with modern western beats to create an “East Meets West” crossover. MIOU


2-3 February 2019 Theatre Peckham
Our Black Culture weekend was enriched with both music and dancing. Elsa Perez the 83 year old South-African Londoner kicked off the weekend with a Riel dance group and workshop along with a jewelry stall, adding a touch of Cape Town to Theatre Peckham. Acclaimed Cameroonian musician Munto Valdo then had us singing along to his ’Sawa Blues’, performing his iconic songs featuring a mix of American soul and Brazilian samba. Valdo’s use of the harmonica, guitar and vocals creates a captivating mixture of folk and blues, with the essence of his African roots. Munto Valdo
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