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Latin America
Film Festival

2nd edition



23-24 July 2022
Dulwich park

The second edition of IDENTITIES Latin America Film Festival, 23-24 July 2022 in Dulwich park, was a total success both in terms of numbers and performances. We sold over 1000 tickets and we had a global reach on social media and our website of +30,000 single viewers.


We celebrated LATIN AMERICA with an outstanding selection of curated shorts and we had 2 Audience Awards winners. The first day the public voted for FOLK FRONTERA by Alejandra Vasquez, a magical realist story about life in the borderlands between Mexico and the US and the second day best short film was MIJO by Mazdey Snob, the protagonist is a young dreamer, whatever and whoever he touches is stylishly pimped up.

On Saturday we had a special mask making workshop with Valerio Oliveira, afterwards a Latin American DANCE WORKSHOP engaged families and children with folk dancing. Caporales Mi Viejo San Simon  performed a Bolivian folk dance on Saturday and Fraternidad Haraganes did an Amazonas folk dance on Sunday. We also introduced Tiago De Mauro, Brazilian filmmaker of WINGS, prior to the screening.

Our amazing FOOD STALLS: LIQUI LIQUI - Venezuelan Deli & Artisan Cheeses and the Brazilian BBQ specialists,  Fine Cut Butchers served delicious cuisine throughout the event. The event was totally free thanks to the support of Southwark Council.

We wish to thank the hundreds of people, performers, filmmakers and volunteers that helped make this community event a truly unique one.


Photography: Jenny Mo


Do you believe that diverse cinema should be accessible to all?  We do! This is why IDENTITIES Latin America Film Festival is Free this year. However, we need your help to keep on supporting independent filmmakers and to ensure the quality of our events.

Be part of the SSFF club, donate any amount, and receive a 10% discount on any of our next events.

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