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Latin America Film Festival

12 & 13 August

Castle Square

Identities 5 was a real success! For 2 days SSFF created a special Latino Village full of sounds, flavours, images and dance. The audience really braved the weather to meet four filmmakers live and were able to express their preferences with the AUDIENCE AWARDS. Saturday's prize went to LA BI-VENCIA by Gongora-Reyes & Cardenas and Sunday's ex-aequo to SHIPPING THEM by Ryan Rox and MANCHAS by  Pablo Zamora. 



MANCHAPablo Zamora, the visionary behind the evocative project  "Manchas" (Stains). This poignant film shines a light on the impact of dictatorships, poverty, patriarchy, and inequality on the very core of these family connections spanning decades. Today, a new generation confronts the essential task of healing and embracing empathy for the enduring struggles their families have endured.





Mariana Gongora-Reyes and Analaura Cardenas, talented filmmakers chosen for Femme Frontera’s 2022, with support from the Sundance Institute. "La Bi-vencia" weaves a powerful narrative from the imagery of an imaginary border between Santa Elena, Chihuahua, and Big Bend National Park in Texas. This compelling film explores the poignant reunion of a ghost town along the Rio Grande, abandoned after 9/11






Ryan Rox (they/them): a queer, non-binary filmmaker and actor from El Paso. Their journey began as an actor in indie shorts, leading to their directorial debut with "Crawl" in 2021. Co-founding Noice Productions with Dakota Thomas, they've crafted hits like "Quiet Hours" (2022 Plaza Classic Local Flavor 2nd Place) and "That Tingling Sensation. 



 Among the amazing artists performing: the beautiful ARTPERUK dance group, led by Catherine Tinoco, that engaged the audience and made them dance till they dropped. The band PE-DE-JUREMA, led by Aluà & Alba, swept away everybody with their Brazilian tunes. The mask making workshop with our fave artist, Valerio Oliveira, who turned simple trash into fabulous work of art. Finally to top it all we had a world feast with delicious food offered by the Castle Square traders.



We are ready to start all over again soon!


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South Social Film Festival
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