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Nordic Focus Film Festival

Faroe Islands | Iceland | Norway

2nd April, 2022, Riverside Studios in Hammersmith

On Saturday 2nd April, 2022 South Social Film Festival held an immersive journey into the Nordic countries with a day of regional music, drink and independent cinema, at Riverside Studios in Hammersmith.

We discovered Europe’s best-kept secret, adrift in the rhythmic North Atlantic ocean, the Faroe Islands. A nation of 18 volcanic islands located between Iceland, Norway and the UK. They may be small, but they’re producing compelling cinema. Sharing the love for landscape, nature and sweeping passion is Finland, the second country we explored at Nordic Focus. 

Afternoon screenings premiered two Faroese films, the first, a timeless short film inspired by true events and winner of 44 international awards, Trøllabeiggi (Brother Troll) by Gudmund Helmsdal. The second, SKÁL based on the life of musician Trygvi Danielsen and poet Dania O. Tausen, a topical documentary about growing up in the Faroe Islands between hip hop and religion.

The evening screening was dedicated to Finland, with a sneak preview of Compartment no 6 by Juho Kuosmanen. Palme d'or winner at the Cannes film festival and nominated for the Oscars, this film is an Offbeat train bound love story that transports you across Russia and back in time.

People were treated with a Nordic cocktail and live music by Faroese Hip Hop artist, Trygvi Danielsen and poet Tania O. Hausen.


NORDIC FOCUS was supported by the Representation of the Faroe Islands, the Faroese Film Institute, Film Hub London, Film London and BFI FAN and promoted by the Embassy of Finland.

Q&A with Dania & Trygvi during Nordic Focus

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