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3rd edition

20-21 May 2023 
Genesis Cinema

We recently concluded the 3rd edition of the LONDON JAPAN FILM FESTIVAL,  20-21 May 2023, where we brought the enchantment of Japanese cinema to life. From captivating films to mesmerizing performances and engaging discussions, we celebrated the rich tapestry of Japanese culture and storytelling.

Audiences were enthralled as the dancer Kotoha Ito, fondly known as Koko, graced the stage with a beautiful dance performance of her own. She then led participants into a workshop, guiding them through choreography and dance steps that surely brought the dance floor to life.

On DAY 1, the thought-provoking roundtable discussion of Kei Ishikawa's  'A Man', featuring Dr. Lois Barnett and Dr. Forum Mithani, offered expert insights and analysis . From costumes to culture, they covered all the bases and answered numerous questions from the engaged audience. 

On DAY 2, the sushi workshop led by the chef Keiko Urakawa was an unforgettable experience. Participants were taught a demo of different sushi rolls and then received a box of sushi prepared by Keiko herself – a delightful accompaniment to a great film.

We had the pleasure of hosting two filmmakers Georgie Y. Donovan and Christine H. Saab in captivating Q&A sessions. They generously shared insights into their remarkable films, captivating the audience with their inspirations and creative processes. We were joined by Dr. Christopher Chow, a well known editor and rep of BEAM Network.

The London Japan Film Festival was an unforgettable journey into the heart of Japanese cinema, where stories came alive, cultures collided, and artistic brilliance took center stage.

Thank you to everyone who attended and contributed to the success of the festival. Stay tuned for future events and join us again for another immersive cinematic experience!

Copy of 4.30pm Sushi workshop with Keiko Urakawa 6pm Premiere 'Deciphering Japan' by Georg
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