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London BALTIC Film Festival

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DESERTED by Kadri Kõusaar


2021 - 1h 32min - Drama/Romance

On an assingment to Sinai, Swedish photojournalist gets kidnapped and hidden away in the desert by a gang of Palestinian men. Her situation further complicates as she falls in love with one of her abductors. Best film and cinematography winner at Estonian Film and TV Awards 2022.

PILGRIMS by Laurynas Bareiša (Lithuania)

2021 - 1h 32min - Drama

Two ex-lovers meet again in a small town where a gruesome crime was committed – an incident that left an indelible mark on each of their lives. Layer after layer, the truth unravels and the couple revisits their unsettling past in an attempt to heal their shared trauma. 


NEON SPRING by Matīss Kaža


2022 - 1h 42min - Drama/Coming-of-age 

Laine is twenty and loves techno raves. With her parents barely on speaking terms, aching to connect to an emotionally cold father and tasked with caring for her little brother more often than not, she finds release in the underground techno scene of Riga. 

SISTERS by Linda Olte (Latvia-Italy)

2022 - 1h 44min - Drama

As orphanage-residents and teenage sisters Anastasia and Diana get to know that an American family is ready to adopt them, their biological mother returns to the picture. Anastasia does everything to establish a relationship with her, but Alla has other plans.



2021 - 1h 22min - Comedy

Frustrated with his life, a self-centered car mechanic and his filmmaker friend embark on a crazy, criminal and perhaps even melodic journey of self-discovery to the other side of the country to cut down the Tree of Eternal Love.

I AM FINE, THANKS by Ernestas Jankauskas (Lithuania)

2021 - 1h 40min - Drama

In his new female-lead feature, Jankauskas explores the stigmatised theme of anxiety and panic attacks in a visually exciting and expressionistic way. Upon return home, Maria is faced with numerous challenges that cause her world to collapse and her to enter a new, frightening and dark dimension. 

All images courtesy of Jenny Eiken Mo and Barrett Loades.

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South Social Film Festival
is a not for profit that
creates an immersive
movie, music and dining experience, celebrating independent world cinema. 

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