Thursday 12th November 2020 6 pm

Join us for a brilliant cycle of Argentina Cineclub together with the Embassy of Argentina. 

Once a month on the 2nd Thursday, we explore 3 famous women directors from Argentina: Lucrecia Martel, Lucia Puenzo and Lola Arias.

In this disquieting Argentine psychological thriller from Lucrecia Martel  (The Holy Girl), a woman  runs over something in her car. Initially believing she has hit her dog, paranoia grows as she begins to fear she may have killed a child.

Martel brilliantly conveys the woman’s mental breakdown, with the audience sharing the character’s anxiety in every frame. It’s an immersive, unsettling film that deals uniquely with themes of guilt and repression.

'Born in Salta, Argentina, Lucrecia Martel  studied film in Buenos Aires and emerged from the New Argentine Cinema movement in the early 2000s. Martel's films, renowned for their mysterious and allusive charms, are an exploration and deconstruction of concepts concerning family, religion and desire. Constant unease and contestation permeate her films. Nothing can be taken for granted and nothing is as it seems.'

Read a full retrospective of her work by ICA here

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